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Four Wishes for 2020

Dear reader…

Today is the first of January.

All over the world, the day is filled with renewed hope as expectations are being set for the new year. I did not end my 2019 with an end-of-year review. What I have shared instead are top lessons I learned from last year which I plan to take into 2020.

These are the four things I wish for you too.

True Happiness.

What makes a woman or man truly happy? Being honest about what makes them happy and being bold enough to pursue it. Happiness is tied to contentment and as such is very personal.

Some have tried to be happy using the metrics of others, others have been shamed for wanting more. That’s the thing with contentment — it comes highly tailored to each individual. Wanting more or different in the way you want it shouldn’t be a bad thing.

In this new year, I hope you do not settle for an appearance of happiness, but that you give yourself the freedom to attain true happiness within.

Strong Community.

Having family and a circle of friends to lean on is a true blessing. Being there for both when they need a shoulder is also a huge privilege. I hope that you prioritize them this year and nurture your close relationships.

Apart from being there for you and loving you, these groups are also great with accountability. Human relationships are sometimes messy and not always easy to navigate, but I hope that you hold the people around you accountable and learn to ask the tough questions, if kindly. I hope you also give them the freedom to hold you accountable as we all strive to be better people.

Forgoing Permission.

We’re growing older people! 366 days is no joke, that’s a whole lot of time to move the needle in whatever direction you want. The real secret of adulthood is realizing that you no longer need permission to do anything. The real test, however, is in understanding that nothing will change or happen unless you make it happen.

On one hand, that’s scary because you can no longer hide when things go south, on the other hand, it also makes you aware of the responsibility that comes with that freedom. It’s best to use this wisely and more importantly to do so deliberately. I hope that this new year is filled with a healthy disregard for approval and that you go on to live life on your best terms.


You can’t give what you don’t have; be it knowledge about certain things, advise or sharing experiences. The quality of what you give is down to the quality of what you have. The best way to give better is to gain more. This year, I hope you actively seek out new experiences and opportunities that expand you and propel you towards growth. That way, you can create more value for yourself and the people around you.

Finally, as you begin 2020 ask yourself “What is my truth?”, and be sure to live each day gloriously and courageously in it!

I wish you love, laughter and lots of learning.

Here’s to a fantastic 2020!




Products. Tech. People. Curious about computers and the human mind. Closet adrenaline junkie.

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Desiree Craig

Desiree Craig

Products. Tech. People. Curious about computers and the human mind. Closet adrenaline junkie.

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